A war is being waged on America!

Marxist political warfare is being waged on the United States to usher in a new, more modern centralized system of government controls. This type of warfare is an asymmetric, unconventional type of warfare designed to bring a nation to its knees leaving it vulnerable for these Marxists to step in, and with a stroke of a pen, “Fundamentally Transform” the United States.

Our organization, EPAC: Ensure the Preservation of America and Our Constitution, was founded to inform Americans about this threat, help people understand the tactics and strategy of political warfare, and empower citizens to stand up and stop this attempt to “Fundamentally Transform” our nation. 

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Defining a Nation: How Marxist Political Warfare Could (Re)define America in the Next 12 Months, and the Solutions We Need to Win

About EPAC

EPAC Founder, Hugo G. Goerner talks about the goals of EPAC, what is happening now to the United States, and spells out the dire future we as a country will have to trudge through if we don’t come together and reverse the Marxist takeover by the liberal progressive socialists in our government and other powerful positions in this country.

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America on the Precipice: The Marxist Political Warfare Being Waged to Fundamentally Transform America

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EPAC primarily educates and warns via videos. How powerful are they and why do the ruling elite not want you to see them? YouTube has censored them. When they do that, you know we’re over the target!
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BOOK: United States Socialist Republic

H.G. Goerner’s book, United States Socialist Republic, gives readers an overview into just how insidious the Marxist assault on America has been over the last few decades to bring about their “Fundamental Transformation” of the country. Their main battlefield is the education system, socially engineering our children.

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