WARNING: They are taking our rights away

EPAC founder H.G. Goerner goes over the different ways the Marxists in this country are censoring free speech and trying to “fundamentally” transform our country.

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Hey everybody, HG for EPAC, please go to PreservingAmericaEPAC.com. This is a very important video that I want folks to understand and I think maybe most of the people in the United States know what’s going on. But I want to clarify a couple of things. First, we see a lot of people putting up content on YouTube, Twitter, wherever, and their content or their video is basically being canceled out. For instance, YouTube, they’re giving a couple of warnings, hey, you’re using misinformation or something that goes against our guidelines and you have signed a document of some sort when you came on YouTube that you would not use this.

Now, I want you folks to remember that about ten years ago I came on YouTube, I signed up with that. Now they changed the law, the rules, their terms of conditions, but more importantly, pay attention, so now they gave me a couple of warnings because I was right over the target. We don’t want you talking about that–it is misinformation. Then I posted something that was really over the target and about the time I dropped it, within minutes, within absolute minutes, they canceled me out of YouTube permanently.

This is happening to people all over, happened to Donald Trump, Elon Musk, everybody, Twitter, all these people. They don’t want you to go against their grain. They use the term misinformation. Ladies and gentlemen, that is equivalent to the book burning by the Nazis in 1933. In 1933, the Nazis did a symbolic book burning.

Basically the university students held a big bonfire. Now this went on for many, many times over the next couple of years from 33 on for a few years. That was a symbolic effort to show the world that they were not going to accept any contrary information that they believe went against their narrative. This is extremely, extremely dangerous and it’s happening right here in our country today. The big techs don’t want you to go against their narrative.

Now, pay very close attention. They canceled me two times. Basically what they did, they said, you’re going to be suspended and you won’t be able to put any content up for a couple of weeks. And then after the second one, what they did is they sent me a note via email, Mr. Goerner, hey, we want you to sign the new conditions, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

They posted all of them. I wouldn’t sign it. Now, here’s the interesting point. Apparently they posted some of my stuff and they altered some of my dialogue and some of my typed out words. They did this to purposely cancel me out once I was over the target on the third shot and out.

I cannot comment on many YouTubes if I’m allowed to see them at all. And more importantly, they’re canceling my voice. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the same, this is equivalent, this is identical to the Nazi book burnings of anyone who violates their misinformation laws. It’s a violation of your rights. That’s your opinion.

Now, disinformation is a little different. Disinformation is purposely, intentionally to do harm, using information to do harm. Now, that can be questionable. But still, even disinformation, this has to do with free speech. Even disinformation, misinformation has got to be allowed to go forth, has got to be able to come out, shall not be infringed the right of freedom of the press, the right of people to speak freely, shall not be infringed what that does.

And let me be more specific. When people on two opposing categories this is black and this is white, okay? Whatever.

Medical whatever. What I’m talking about is the dichotomy two different opposing viewpoints on whatever, what we want. And this is how progress becomes beneficial for everyone across the planet, all of humanity. When people of opposing ideas can come together and try to come up with a practical, common sense solution, guess what? That’s when things start to improve for everybody.

What is happening is that it’s stopping. When these big tech organizations want to stop you and stop you from putting forth content in any way, shape or form, that is the very same thing as the Nazi book burnings of 1933. And it’s happening in this country. Many people like myself wear it as a badge of honor. Why?

America on the Precipice promoBecause we were right over the target, folks. There’s a Marxist political warfare in this country that’s going on. Sign up for EPAC’s mailing list.. On October 9, just a few weeks from now, October 9, 2022, our documentary premiere–“America on the Precipice: The Marxist Political Warfare Being Waged to Fundamentally Transform America”.

It’s going to be pay per view and we’re going to outline in detail how this war is being played out. It’s in full compliment right now. Active measures are being taken right now in this country and have been underway for over a couple of decades to fundamentally transform this country and to do a four stage process demoralization, destabilization, crisis and normalization those four stages. With a stroke of a pen, literally, with a stroke of a pen, the federal government can take over everything and usher in a new, more modern, centralized system of government controls. And they believe this new set of government controls, centralized government controls, will be for the benefit of everyone.

It will be more inclusive, it will be more equitable, it will be more fair. Everyone will get a fair, equal piece of the pie. There will be no super rich and no super poor. Everyone will be fed, everyone will have a job. Everyone will be able to have a place to live.

And you’ll have to trade a few things, like your freedom to decide your own path. There’s going to be some trade offs Dr. Thomas Sowell talks about in my book, which I produced a couple of years ago. This book that I wrote in 2020, “United States Socialist Republic: the Liberal Marxist Machine and the Men, Method and Means to Fundamentally Transform America“.

It means to fundamentally transform the country. In that book, Thomas Sowell says, pretty much life is a series of trade offs. If you want something, you’re going to have to trade something for it. Well, if these marxists want this New World Order, they’re going to trade their liberty and their property and their rights as well. In the back of my book, I talk about let me just quote this to you, if I may.

I’m so proud of this quote. “The liberal Marxist machine in our country demands that equity of outcome be mandatory. Be that as it may, I have to admit I cannot wait for these idealists to discover that ultimately they too would wind up being controlled by the very machine that they built.”

These new government controls are going to muck up everything and your freedoms. And the best way I can tell you, it’s going to usher in the loss of hope. Hope is a powerful thing. What is hope?

Hope is a possibility of certainty in an uncertain world, or it’s the presence of God. There will literally you will not have any control over anything. Your life will be indicated and dedicated for you from birth. That is how they get to sustainable development. Look at the United Nations term called sustainable development.

They will have to control all resources so that they don’t run out of these resources. What is man’s greatest resource? It’s his labor. God bless. Take care.

We’ll catch you on the flip side.

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