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Message from the Founder

Message From

EPAC's Founder,

HG Goerner

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Our election process in America has been subjugated, and the Public Trust has been violated so egregiously, there may be no turning back.

Plus, Americans are being shook down by a mob. “No Justice/No Peace” is Extortion!

Americans are fed up. 

It is apparent that the democrats are positioning themselves to be the ONLY Party in this country, for decades to come. 

On November 3, 2020, we witnessed a coup. And everyone on the planet knows the truth. No longer will We The People take being lied to with impunity.

Racism is a term being used today in our society as a weapon. And every adult in America knows the truth. No Justice/No Peace … is Extortion! 

Racism comes from hate, and hate is a secondary emotion. Hate comes from anger. Anger comes from fear, and fear comes from ignorance. 

If man is to be free, hate will always be with us, so will racism. Martin Luther King taught us, and we grew as a society, because we learned. But not everyone learned. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the human condition.

Today we have laws to protect all human beings from discrimination, and we enforce them. Anyone who uses the term, racism as a weapon, is helping no one and hurting everyone. If man is to be free in any civil society, there must be trade-offs. In our great society, all citizens know if you violate the law, there will be trade-offs.

As the founder of EPAC, I can no longer take being lied to, by the MSM, the Liberal/Marxist Machine or by these new styled Democrats/Globalists. 

Nor will I sit idly by and let this ‘Machine’ ruin our great nation and transform it into some imaginary utopia based on unrealistic ideologies. 

‘We the People’ will decide our fate. 

We will not let a pack of liars shape our destiny.

The World Economic Forum tells us that “you will own nothing, and you will be happy”. They say that is only a prediction/suggestion. That is a bald face lie! 

True Americans are already happy, because they are grateful for the blessings bestowed upon us by our Creator. 

These Marxist liars and supposed democrats will never be grateful nor happy. They will continue to lie and lie and lie . . .  until we have to pay them off, to shut them up and make them go away. But they will never go away. They want complete control of our country. Full of like-minded, feeble, barely educated workers, which they view as nothing more than a deplorable resource to feed the beast.

“The United States Socialist Republic”

I am angry beyond words . . . but I will never act on that anger. I will control it and use it for good. 

Many of our elected officials in our country have abused their power . . . to ‘Protect’ Us, in the name of ‘Public Health’. The ‘Public Health’ does not supersede our civil liberties, especially when more harm than good is the result.

Our health and safety are our personal responsibilities

These ‘officials’, panicked, and without thinking through the consequences, shut down their States to drop the curve, ultimately resulting in an economic calamity that forced 250,000 small business to close, forever. 

And now, our new President has buried America in almost 7 trillion dollars of debt to stop the bleeding. And it’s the States that are bleeding, for which there may be NO Recovery. 

This abuse set in motion the predictable losses in tax revenue. Which will usher in the Great Economic Reset with States filing sovereign default, if we cannot stop the bleeding, ultimately putting the future of our country at risk.

Hundreds of thousands of wonderful men and women have fought and died to preserve and protect America and its future. I will NOT let their sacrifice be wasted. 

The fundamental transformation of America is in full swing, and the Liberal/Marxist machine in these United states has shifted the balance of power to the democrat party, and they intend to seal their power permanently in place using HR1 for the ‘Peoples Act’. 

Senator Ted Cruz, in an interview, called HR1, “Extremely dangerous to the Freedoms of all Americans.” If patriotic Americans sit idly by, this ‘Machine’ will make Washington DC and Puerto Rico states.

So, if HR1 passes…

  • It will criminalize certain speech, which violates the 1st Amendment because all speech is protected.
  • It will pack the Supreme Court of our country with four progressive judges.
  • It will federalize and micromanage the election process, imposing unnecessary, unwise, and unconstitutional mandates on the States, and it will seal-in their power and our fates for the next 100 years.

The mindset of the Democrats of old, like JFK, RFK, and even Jimmy Carter has been lost in the abyss. The American landscape is now cluttered with the corpses of ‘Thinkers’, ‘Movers’ and ‘Statesmen’.

They’ve been replaced with Black Lives Matter, Antifa and Marxists, like Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Pramila Jayapal, all of whom are members of the Democratic Progressive Caucus (which is actually Marxist, disguised as well-meaning liberal) as well as 100’s of other Marxists in our federal, state and local governments.

I founded EPAC to energize the Conservative base in America to somehow restore the Public Trust in our system and consolidate millions of patriots to use our voice – our vote and all peaceful and legal means at our disposal to restore the balance of power in our legislative branch of government.

On November 3, 2020, America witnessed a coup.

But, let it be known, great people are at work, as we speak, to restore the public trust in our elections. All Americans who LOVE REFORM need to pitch in to bring America back from the edge of the precipice.

I want to see 95% of all registered Conservative voters go to the polls in 2022 and 2024, and I need your help. I will NOT settle for 60 or 65 percent voter turnout.

Do your homework, study the candidates and above all, use a little bit of your money and a little bit of your effort to get involved and get your neighbors energized about the future of our country.

Together We the People can and will restore the balance of power and the Public Trust in America!

HG Goerner

Founder, EPAC

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