Affirmative Action, Critical Race Theory and Diversity are Marxists Lies that Hurt People of Color

EPAC Founder H.G. Goerner talks about Marxist lies that are perpetrated on the American people of all colors and hurt our country, which is fast going under because of Marxist political warfare to destroy it. Buckle up–he has a lot to say and warn people about!



All right, everybody. HG Goerner for EPAC. This is going to be a little bit of a long one. I want folks to first go to here a clip with Dr. Thomas Sowell. He is an intellectual, a true intellectual. He’s written probably, I think, I believe, about 30 books. I have about a dozen of them. More importantly, he’s a lot smarter than I am, and he can explain what we’re going to be talking about. There are three things we’re going to be talking about in this particular video. First, affirmative action, then critical race theory, then diversity. All these three topics are a lie perpetrated on the American people. Now, first, what we’re going to do is I want you to go and watch and listen to this clip by Dr. Thomas Sowell. He talks about affirmative action and how it’s not helping people of color at all. The big lie in this country is that people of color are oppressed in this nation. That’s a big, huge lie. It is a big, steam and pile of BS. Everybody in this country has as much opportunity as the person standing next to them.

It depends on how much you apply yourself, how much ability you have, and how hard you work, basically. So anyway, the point that I’m making, I want you folks to watch this particular clip and listen very carefully. Affirmative action, and more importantly, CRT and diversity are dangerous. Now, I’m gonna finish with this, and then you watch the clip. We just posted a or I just posted a clip, a three-minute clip about diversity and how it’s dangerous, a danger to our society. Thomas Sowell says all this stuff affirmative action, CRT, and mostly affirmative action are a danger are to society. It divides us, and it doesn’t help people of the black community or people of color. More importantly, watch this clip:


Who was it who said, if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall? Ronald Reagan? Newt Gingrich? Charles Murray? Not even close. It was Frederick Douglas. This was part of a speech in which Douglas also said, everybody has asked the question, what shall we do with the Negro? I have had but one answer from the beginning do nothing with us. Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us. Frederick Douglas had achieved a deeper understanding in the 19th century than any of the black leaders of today. Those whites who feel the need to do something with blacks and for blacks have been some of the most dangerous friends of blacks. Academia is the home of many such friends, which is why there are not only double standards of admissions to colleges, but also, in some places, double standards in grading. The late David Reesman called it affirmative grading. A professor at one of California state universities where black students are allowed to graduate on the basis of easier standards, he put it bluntly, “we are just lying to these black students when we give them degrees.” That lie is particularly deadly when the degree is a medical degree authorizing someone to treat sick people or perform surgery on children.

For years, Dr. Patrick Chapis was held up as a shining example of the success of affirmative action, for he was admitted to medical school as a result of minority preferences and went back to the black community to practice medicine. In fact, he was publicly praised by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights just two weeks before his license was suspended. After his patients died under conditions that brought the matter to the attention of the Medical Board of California, an administrative law judge referred to Chavis’s inability to perform some of the most basic duties required of a physician. A year later, after a fuller investigation, his license was revoked. Those who had for years been using Chavis as a shining example of the success of affirmative action suddenly changed tactics and claimed that an isolated example of failure proved nothing. Sadly, Chavis was not an isolated example. When a professor at the Harvard Medical School declared publicly back in the 1970s that black students were being allowed to graduate from that institution without meeting the same standards as others, he was denounced as a racist for saying that it was cruel to allow trusting patients to pay for our irresponsibility–trusting black patients in many cases.

Why do supposedly responsible people create such dangerous double standards? Some imagine that they are being friends to blacks by lowering the standards for them. Some don’t think that blacks have what it takes to meet real standards and that colleges and universities will lose their diversity and perhaps federal money with it if they don’t lower the standards in order to get an acceptable racial body count. My own experience as a teacher was that black students would meet higher standards if you refuse to lower the standards for them. This was not the royal road to popularity, either with the students themselves or with the friends of blacks on the faculty and in the administration. But when the dust finally settled, the students met the standards. We have gotten so used to abysmal performances from black students beginning and failing ghetto schools that it is hard for some to believe that black students once did a lot better than they do today, at least in places and times with good schools. As far back as the First World War, black soldiers from New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio scored higher on mental tests than white soldiers from Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky and Mississippi.

During the 1940s, black students in Harlem schools had test scores very similar to those of white working-class students on the Lower East Side of New York. Sometimes the Harlem scores were a little higher or a little lower, but they were never miles behind the way they are today in many ghetto schools. If blacks could do better back when their opportunities were worse. Why can’t today’s ghetto students do better? Perhaps blacks have too many friends today.


All right, now, about affirmative action, he showed you that this is actually hurting people of color, and it’s hurting our society. But more importantly, I want to go to well, let me just briefly explain affirmative action. He’s talked about it many, many times. Thomas Sowell is the consummate intellectual, and he explains, and it’s easy to understand that in this country, everybody has the same opportunity. And when you have friends that are trying to help you, guess what? They’re not friends. They’re trying to feel good about themselves or do manipulate the situation. That’s not helping. In this country, everybody has the same opportunity, like I said, as a person standing next to them. Now, about critical race theory. We are theorizing on race. Now, we’re going to have a complete contrast to what Dr. Thomas Sowell he explains. He does a heck of a lot better than I do. But I want you folks to understand this is actually dangerous. TikTok basically wants to cancel me out or at least give me another strike because I’m saying it’s dangerous. Why is it dangerous? Why is this critical race theory, affirmative action and diversity a danger to our society?

It’s not a danger like, oh, we’re going to die. They’re going to kill us all. That’s not the point that I’m making. It’s a danger to your liberty and your freedom and your liberty. Freedom. Liberty is the ability to choose. Everyone in this country has the same ability as the other to choose the path they want to take. When you divide a country and split it up based on well, this is what we’re talking about culture war, a Marxist political warfare is being waged on this country. And there’s a tactic. It is meant to divide us and destabilize our society. But more importantly, critical race theory uses race as a base to theorize that are theorizing and using race. How does it affect this and how does it affect that? We all know that it affects everybody to some degree. Everybody is predominantly they have prejudices, or they have preferences. Whatever race or excuse me, bigotry or racism comes from hatred. Hatred comes from anger. Anger comes from fear, and fear comes from ignorance. There’s always going to be people that are ignorant.

There are always going to be people that walk around in fear because they don’t know what the hell’s going on. And there’s always going to be people that hate. You’re never going to get away from that. What we have is laws. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 took discrimination and bigotry and made it against the law. We need to be colorblind. That’s what the lady of Liberty said. She has a blindfold we are a nation of law. It is meant to be colorblind, basically. But more importantly, what I want folks to understand and believe me, I don’t claim to be the smartest guy in the room because I’m not. Thomas Sowell is the smartest guy in the room. But more importantly, when you take critical race theory and you theorize it and use race as your base, what do you do? When you theorize, when you take something and you study it, what are you going to do? You want to come to a conclusion, correct? Right. When you come to a conclusion or make a decision and you use race as a base to come to that conclusion or come to that decision, that is an egregious violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

This is not doing anyone any good. And more importantly, what I want to talk and actually it’s actually quite dangerous because you get people who like CRT, who are emotional, more poor people of color, and you got people hey, reality based, they clash. This is part of the Marxist political warfare mass line to move masses in a particular direction and divide them. Divide and conquer. Have you heard of that? That is what is happening in this country that is splitting the people. And basically, the two sides, people pick sides. The emotional left run-on feelings and emotions and the right who run on reality and use common sense. And literally what happens, they start throwing rocks at each other. They exaggerated. The point that I’m making though is this is dangerous. You can literally get our society so divided and destabilized. What happens next is with the use of a crisis or literally ladies and gentlemen, this is what I’m about to say. This is why it’s dangerous. The Marxist in our government and there’s just a handful that are creating so much noise and they’re getting all the mainstream Marxist media press that they’re moving this country strong to the left.

And what is happening is literally with the stroke of a pen, the Marxist in our government can put in through legislation using Executive Order 1363 and they can solve the crisis. They can basically this is how it works. They can change the concept and the ownership of this country to them, to the government. Basically 1363 Executive Order can take ownership. They can federalize the entire nation under a crisis. But more importantly, what they want to do and this is where everything is moving to, it is about ownership of the United States by our government, federalizing it and making it just like the Communist Party, this Chinese Communist Party, the Democrats are trying to make a move to be the dominant power in this nation. And that all they need to do is interject policy. And they will do it in the darkness of night. That’s an exaggeration, that’s kind of an explanation. They will do it without telling you that is what has happened with COVID They basically, all of a sudden, next thing, they shut the whole nation down. Donald Trump wanted to just shut it down for 14 days. All these states shut them down indefinitely.

You can’t do that. They violated your rights. And guess what? I think is about a quarter of a million people were permanently put out of business because they shut the states shut them down. That’s irreversible. But more importantly, this is what I want to talk about as far as diversity. When you have the woke culture, the woke corporations, we don’t have enough representative of the people of color in our company or in our organization or whatever, we need to hire more people of color. Guess what? People are supposed to be hired because they can do the job. When they hire you or somebody based on the color of their skin and not their merits, guess what happens? Progress stops. This is very important. And guess what? When that is meant to divide and basically divide us. Because when we want our company’s not, we need more diversity, and we need more people of color to represent if it was actually truly represented, nine out of ten people in the business would be white, or they would probably be of Asian heritage. Asian people are very smart. They’re very disciplined. They’re very basically disciplined and smart.

But more importantly, if I may say about this, when you have a culture operating and concentrating on diversity, okay, this is dangerous. It can actually influence and get us to the point where we’re so divided, we’re throwing rocks at each other because the left picks poor people of color, and the right says, oh, no, hey, everybody’s got the same opportunity. Like I said, they’re throwing rocks at each other. They’re divided. And then guess what? That is? When a society and a nation is at its weakest point because it’s so destabilized, they’re not paying attention to what the other groups at the Marxist are doing. And the next thing you know, one day everything’s good, the next day, through a policy change, everything will change. And guess what? Socialism is about. And it’s kind of funny because I wrote a book. The United States Socialist Republic. That’s the title of my book. If these, I guess, government elites with a stroke of a pen can take ownership of this country, it won’t necessarily be a socialist. It will be kind of a conglomeration of haphazard run country. And literally, it could get so destructive that this is the point that I want to make.

Bill Ayers, many years ago, about 35 years, 30, 40 years ago, was actually wanted to take over the government. Well, if we were to hand Bill Ayers and he was the first original domestic terrorist, look him up. Guess what? If he were to be okay, you got control of the government, which is impossible. This guy’s a stone cold idiot, but he is now walking around the country teaching teachers and influencing our children. But more importantly, if he were handed our government here’s how really dangerous he was, he could actually have the government in his hands, and he wouldn’t know what to do with it. What do I do now? These people and Bill Ayres are like Bill Ayres. They’re stone-cold idiots. They have no idea how to run a nation or make things work in a country like the United States. This takes a huge number of people, an enormous number of people that are a lot smarter than the average guy, and they know how things work. They’re reality based, and we are a nation of laws. But more importantly, when you can divide a nation, you can conquer it. And it talks about basically Marxist political warfare is what is happening in this country right now.

And if I may say, this is where things really get. We’re being shut down by these large Googles and YouTubes and TikToks and Twitters. Thank God Elon Musk got a hold of Twitter. But once common sense and the dissemination of information when we can talk, I want to hear everything the left has to say, I mean extreme left. I want to hear what they have to say. If it’s a bad idea, then we’ll discuss that’s not going to work. What they’re doing is they’re trying to make their truth the truth. They’re eliminating any reality based, common sense conversation. And guess what? That’s a part of the canceled culture. And that’s the same thing that they did back in 1933 when the Nazis burned the books. They don’t want to hear anything that you have to say. It’s what they say. This is extremely dangerous. And guess what? It’s here in America right now. We’re moving so fast and so strong to the left that there is a divided country right now, and it’s destabilized. And literally, I want folks to understand that possibly in the spring or sometime next year, I believe, from what I can tell and discussions that I’ve had with our team at EPAC, this situation here in the United States is not going to get better.

It’s going to be an economic problem and basically a social problem, and a crisis is going to be introduced. Marxist political warfare has to do with the four-stage process demoralize, destabilize, introduce a crisis, and then bring the people back to normalcy or normalization. You have to see a clip. We’re not going to include it here. Go to a clip with Yuri Bezmenov talking about ideological subversion. What is happening in this country right now is a basic for the most is called ideological subversion or active measures. Active measures in this country are going on right now through many guess what you may say attributes from several different directions to change our concepts and our perceptions. And in our documentary, we talk about how no longer can in fact, it was Joe Biden that says, no one can define for me what it is to be an American. If you can’t define who you are as a person or we as society cannot define who we are and put that in writing, that leaves the door wide open for anybody to walk in. Our government elites, oh, this is what this is what we’re going to we’ll do this.

This is how it goes. This is dangerous, ladies and gentlemen. And it’s not going to get any better any better anytime soon. And last but not least, I’m going to leave you with this. Our organization and some people here near where I live are going to put together a commission about our elections. I do not want to overturn the 2020 election, nor do my associates, or nor does our commission. We want to have an investigation into the election system here in this country because it’s been gamed. I explained that in my other videos. God bless everybody. This maybe will give you a little bit of insight about how this war is being waged on this country. And it’s not getting any better any better anytime soon. But here’s the thing. We can win this war. Yes, we can. It’s about getting our voice back. Hashtag ROV Hashtag, reclaim our voice. Once we get the election system back on track and solid, we will regain our trust in our system. And we need to get the right people in our government, get the Marxist out, and the right people in our country and in our government running the government.

And guess things will get back to and we will point this ship in its right direction. God bless everybody. Take care and we’ll catch you on the flipside.


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