January 6 was a Marxist Tactical Operation

EPAC’s Team reverse engineered the event. Trump had the 10 Votes needed to have an investigation. A breach was the only way to beat Trump’s Objection to the Count.


Unedited Transcript

Hey, everybody. H.G. in HD for EPAC. This is hot off the wire from Just The News. John Solomon’s news outlet. Just the News. Senator Mike Lee from Utah, the Republican, is now calling for a full investigation into the January six insurrection and insurrection panel. These people, ladies and gentlemen, are part of the marxist political warfare being waged on this country.

Ladies and gentlemen, these people were pushing the narrative that somehow Donald Trump was trying to and his and people that were supporting him are one domestic terrorist and two. They’re trying they tried to overthrow the government. People are still in jail because of this. Ladies and gentlemen, this whole January six was a marxist tactical operation. I’m the founder of Epic, and you’re the preservation of America in our Constitution.

I have great people on my team. Former DOD, counter intel and counterintelligence analyst, former CIA attorneys, investigators and judges, people that we all basically brief each other every week. And we looked into the January six, well over a year ago, and we reverse engineered it. Stay with me. The January six protest. Most of the if not all of the protesters that went down there knew that they were there to protest, stand outside and not breach the Capitol.

They knew that many. You see the videos. Senator, excuse me, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson just released 44000 hours. And you can go. Everybody knows on the planet that January six and Reps. Was a scam. It was a huge scam. January 6th, ladies and gentlemen, was a marxist tactical operation. We reversed engineered January 6th. And this. Stay with me.

The marches within our federal government, and they’re just a handful. My friend Trevor Louden in his book The Enemies Within Names, The Marxists Within our federal government, they’re the ones that are controlling the narrative along with the mainstream Marxists media propaganda outlet. They bombard us and try to basically get us off balance. That’s part of political warfare. I’m an educated, I guess, what you might say.

Now I’m very educated in political warfare. I have a 300-page dissertation out of the Department of Defense. Has this been declassified on political warfare? I know how it’s worked. I know the strategies. January six was a marxist warfare political excuse me, a marxist political warfare tactical operation to stop Donald Trump’s objection to the electoral vote count from succeeding.

Donald Trump had ten senators that were going to vote to have an investigation. Here’s the question that I need you that we were asked, that I was asking, and this is where it started. I’m a credentialed member of the press. I have to ask questions. When I run out of questions, I’ve got answers. This is what we did.

We reverse engineered January six. We ask the question, what would have happened if Donald Trump asked me if the breach on January six of the Capitol never happened? What would have happened if no one breached the Capitol? Here’s what would have happened. Donald Trump’s objection to the electoral vote count would have succeeded. The two people, the two best debaters on the planet, Senator Hawley and Senator Cruz, would have debated.

They would have shown that we need to have an investigation. The electoral system, election system in this country has been gamed and then invest an audit and an investigation would ensue. They had the ten senators to vote. If the breach never happened, the ten senators would have voted. An audit would have begun, and an investigation process would have begun.

An investigation could go on for two weeks, two months, two years. It doesn’t matter. For as long as the investigation was underway, Donald Trump would stay in the White House to uphold the continuity of government and Nancy Pelosi in the marches would have lost her ever-loving mind. The Marxists knew as soon as the election was over in November, they knew because Donald Trump was going to object, right?

They knew that ten senators were behind him. They knew they had to stop the objection process. They had to put together and operation to breach the Capitol and stop Donald Trump’s ejection process from being successful. If no one would have breached the Capitol and everybody just, hey, we’re protesting and that and they stayed outside. The whole thing would have been finalized, an investigation would have ensued and Donald Trump would stay in the White House and the entire landscape across this country would be completely different today.

This is part of Marxist political warfare. January six was a marxist political HQ, a marxist political, tactical operation. And ladies and gentlemen, the American people have been scammed and people are still in jail. I want folks to understand, to make a distinction. There are great people in our country fighting to preserve our country, and there’s a marxist within our country and they’re pushing the narrative.

Don’t let the government, ladies and gentlemen, don’t blame the whole entire government, because here’s the best I can tell you. Just five years ago, when Donald Trump was in the White House, our government was working, wasn’t it? It was working on all cylinders. What happened? The marches got Joe Biden and the Marxist machine into the White House and control of the power in this country.

We need to get Donald Trump or somebody at least a good conservative back in the White House in 2024. I’m the founder of EPA. We produced a documentary last year called America on the Precipice. I am by. Well, we just started filming our second documentary. It will be out on January six, just a few months from now, in 2024.

And we’re going to bring solutions to the table, pay very, very close attention to the next 12 to 14 months. Our new documentary is going to be entitled or titled Defining a Nation. Ladies and gentlemen, the next 12 to 20 excuse me, the next 12 to 14 months are going to do or are going to define this nation.

There’s a war being waged on this country, and we are going to win it. We’re going to get this war completely under control. We’re going to send them back. We’re going to send the January six panel, if we can. Home. Pack them. Bye bye. Goodbye. We don’t want a marxist political warfare and political warfare. Doesn’t use bombs or bullets.

We see lawfare going on and many, many violations of the law. That’s going to stop. We’re going to win this war. God bless you, everybody. Stay informed. Watch for our release of our new documentary on January six, 2024. We’re going to bring solutions to the table and stay informed. Do your homework. A well-informed citizen is a well-armed citizen, and the Marxist machine in this country doesn’t want a well-informed or well-armed conservatives.

They don’t want, you and I, well-armed or well informed. God bless everybody.


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