EPAC releases its latest documentary: Defining a Nation

Today EPAC founder H.G. Goerner released his second documentary, entitled: Defining a Nation: How Marxist Political Warfare Could (Re)define America in the Next 12 Months, and the Solutions We Need to Win.

This EPAC production is a look into the Political Warfare being on our country by just a handful of Marxists in our Federal Government, numerous Marxist appointed Judges and DA’s around the nation, and 1000’s of Marxist organizations.

All with a similar mindset: The destabilization, deconstruction and “Fundamental Transformation” of America.

These Marxists fully intend to turn our nation into “Their America” and take ownership!

We are witnessing a global struggle for the balance of power, and the Marxist machine does not take prisoners.

Now is a Time Of Choosing.

It is this day, that the Marxists are put on notice.

“The People” will decide the future of America going forward. Not the machine.

And We…The People will win this War.

The next 12 -14 months will Define This Nation!

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