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America on the Precipice - Hugo Goerner - May 7th, 2022


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United States Socialist Republic

by H. G. Goerner

That was then, this is now. It’s been 89 years since Huxley wrote Brave New World and 71 years since Orwell’s 1984. Today, in 2020, Hugo Goerner writes of the transformation of media to propaganda and the repurposing of our children’s education to indoctrination. Huxley and Orwell’s were fiction, Goerner’s United States Socialist Republic chronicles a Reality. It is also a warning. While America has a history of vigilance against the threat of Marxism from abroad, Goerner chronicles the slow incremental penetration of domestic marxist activities through media and education. Always vigilant against the Soviets then, we took our eyes off our schools and watched whatever was served. The left created the “WOKE” culture. Unfortunately, more than just the impressionable minds of the young and simple have been woken. For concerned Americans, who are likewise just awaking from their long hangover, Goerner's United States Socialist Republic is a good place for parents and citizens to begin getting woken up to the threat that confronts America.

~ Endorsement from Stephen Coughlin, Army (retired) DOD Intel Analyst ~

United States Socialist Republic - Book by H G Goerner