Weaponized DOJ Subpoenas: SEVERE Authoritarianism!

EPAC Founder H.G. Goerner talks about the shocking disregard of American’s free speech rights by the Department of Justice.

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Hey everybody, HG for EPAC. This is breaking news. This is September 13, just a day or two ago, the Department of Justice is investigating and sending subpoenas out to attorneys for their information and for their communications with certain people who basically are making a claim. I talked about this a while back and this is vitally important.

Please listen to me very carefully. When a person makes a claim “these guys are jerks,” or any claim, OK, it is their right to speak freely. They can say that Donald Trump’s this or they can say Biden’s that, Biden is not doing this, or political claim, whatever, they’re allowed to make it. If they make it, what happens when they make it? People will accept it or some people will go wait a minute, no, that’s wrong.

That starts the critical thought process. People will start thinking critically. That is what freedom of speech does. It gets people thinking. Well wait a minute–now that’s a good idea, but it’s part of our inalienable rights, the right to speak freely.

This is coming under attack because now the Department of Justice is going after people who make claims that–listen to this—any claim that the Vice President or the President of the Senate had the authority to reject or choose not to count the presidential electors. Now that’s a claim, okay? Obviously the Vice President, who is the President of the Senate, actually he himself cannot reject the electoral votes or the presidential electors. What he does is he says, okay, we’re going to open up this joint session and this is what Vice President Pence did, okay?

He said we’re going to open up this joint session and we’re going to start this process. Now, basically part of the process he will say is there anyone in this joint session that objects to the electoral count?

Actually, on January 6, two people stood up and they said it was Senator Hawley and Senator Ted Cruz. And they said, well yes, we have Senator Hawley said I object and Ted Cruz seconded, but it’s a little bit more involved than that. But anyway, they go through a process. The Vice President of the United States, who is the President of the Senate, has to keep order. That’s his job.

He cannot necessarily reject or that’s not his job. But listen to me very carefully.

Anyone can make the claim. Well, the President, he can reject the votes or whatever. He can do it, okay? Obviously I said that he cannot personally reject the votes. He has to keep order.

He follows a procedure have he said that when somebody makes that claim, someone is going hey, wait, no, actually partner and they can straighten that person out. It gets a critical thought process going. But more importantly, this is about freedom of speech. The Department of Justice now is going after people and going after attorneys and they want their communications with their clients. This is a violation of the rights of basically everyone that makes a claim.

They can go after anybody that makes a claim and that the precedence has been set. If you are a dissenter, a verbal dissenter, rather than say, hey, you know what? You dummy, you’re wrong. This is how it actually goes. They don’t do that.

Just go on but your way. You don’t even know what you’re talking about. No, hey, here’s the information, okay? Then the person figures it out. Critical thought.

They arrest you. They subpoena you. Here’s the interesting point. This is a precedence, ladies and gentlemen. This is equivalent to the Nazi book burning in 1933.

This is the epitome of what you might call severe authoritarianism, where the Department of Justice is going after people because they’re making claims. We have the right to make a claim. But if your claim is not substantiated, then, hey, go about your way. Everybody will know that you’re just a conspiracy theorist or who knows what. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

That’s the wonderful thing about in order to form a more perfect union, we want people to come together and talk about this. And then what we do is we use our critical thought process to educate the person making the claim. You’re allowed to make a claim and they’re stopping this. They’re investigating and subpoenaed people, and they’re going to be arresting people. This is vital.

This is very, very important. Please spread this word around. And also, folks, I want you to understand that if you go to on October 9, come back to our website and view the pay-per-view documentary, “America on the Precipice: The Marxist Political Warfare Being Waged to Fundamentally Transform America”.

You can see the documentary about what’s really going on in this country. There’s a war being waged on America to fundamentally transform this country into basically what they want to do is take this nation and turn it into their America. They want to usher in a new, more modern, centralized system of government controls. And I mean control. God bless everybody.

We’ll catch you on the flipside.


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