Lawfare: Using the Law as a Weapon is a Crime! Title 18 USC sec. 242

Last week we witnessed for the first time in America’s history, the indictment of a former President of our country for charges that otherwise could not have been prosecuted due to the Statute of Limitations having run out.

But the Marxist DA for New York, in a move to deliver what he promised to do, which was to arrest Donald Trump for “Something”!

He just did!!

This Is the unabashed ABUSE of the Law, and the “Weaponization” of same.

This abuse is a crime of immense proportions.

This is TYRANNY in its purest form. King Henry VIII used this abuse of the Law to murder his wife.

The mere intention of/or “To prosecute”, in this case, by elevating a misdemeanor to a State Federal crime (by Leaks) is the epitome of a Mob shakedown, but (in this case) by an elected official.

EPAC Founder H.G. Goerner explains:


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