What’s up with Ray Epps?

Isn’t it interesting that Ray Epps was never arrested? And what about the timing of the break into the Capitol–just in time to stop an important debate and vote. HG Goerner explains.



All right, everybody, HG Goerner for EPAC. This little video is for Rumble, and it’s going to be talking about Ray Epps. Anybody know about him? Yeah, I think the whole country knows about Ray Epps. Isn’t it very interesting that he was never arrested?

He was going around for several days, well, on the fifth and on the 6 January 2021, telling everybody to break in, we must break into the Capitol. Okay? 95, 98% of the people that were Trump supporters who were there to protest about the election and basically voice their concern about the election, know that you don’t break into somebody’s house, even if it’s ours, and it’s not technically ours, but it’s the people’s house. You don’t break into the Capitol. Here’s the important point that I want folks to understand, and I’m not definitely not claiming that I’m the smartest guy in the room, but I’ve done quite a bit of homework.

I’ve written a book and I’ve made a documentary, and I have a great team of scholars on our team, Clare Lopez, Steven Coughlin, and two other gentlemen that will remain anonymous at this particular point. But these folks give me the inside scoop of what’s happening in DC every week. This is what basically happened on January 6, and this is just part one. We’re going to talk about Ray Epps. There will be a part two.

Ray Epps was going around telling everybody, break into the Capitol. Break into the Capitol. All right, why was he doing that? We’re going to address that in part two. This is very, very important about everything you’re seeing right now, especially with the January 6 inquisition, insurrection, the trial, the hearing, whatever you want to call it, that was a complete sham, and what happened with it, nothing.

More importantly, why did Ray Epps or why was Ray Epps never arrested? He was telling everybody to break in. Okay, you have to ask the question, why wasn’t he arrested? Ladies and gentlemen, Ray Epps never went into the building. He never breached the front door.

He never went into the building. He was standing at the right spot. And if you can watch some of the films, I don’t have those, but you can do a little bit of your homework. I want folks to get engaged. I want folks to be involved.

Do some investigation of your own. He was at a particular spot where he was getting information, we believe. But more importantly, he knew the timing. At a particular time, Vice President Pence would open the joint session of Congress and begin the process of counting the electoral votes. There is an objection process.

Vice President Pence by law, has to ask, is there any objections to the electoral count? That’s when ladies and gentlemen, here’s the interesting point.

Everybody broke in, or a bunch of the people broke in. Why did they break in? And this is going to be in part two. But more importantly, I want folks to understand that the Marxist machine in this country made up of Deep State, several, many players, retired Democrats of great power, still holding on to some form of verbal power. But more importantly, they put this all together.

They had to break into the Capitol to stop the objection process. Listen to me very carefully, and we’re going to get into this in part two and listen very carefully. This is a little bit for me, it was a little bit hard to wrap my hand around, but once I figured it out, once we discussed this, this is what happened. The electoral count process has a certain set of steps. The Vice President, what he will do is he will ask, does anybody object to the process?

Well, in this particular day, there were two. Senator Hawley and Senator Cruz objected and they actually started a debate. There’s a 2 hours for debate. Then after the debate, and these are the two best debaters, I guess on the planet. These guys are going to flay any other guys, trust me, he’s going to flay any arguments, the debate would have been upheld.

Then Vice President Pence would have asked for a vote right at that time, there were ten Senators there ready to vote to sustain the objection process, the electoral count objection process, and begin an investigation, a full, widespread, deep investigation into the elections of 2020. If that would have happened. Now, here’s the interesting point. If that would have gone through and no one broke into the Capitol, this is what folks have got to understand. If no one broke in that would have gone through, the ten senators would have voted to sustain the process.

An investigation would begin, or at least a process. And during that process, President Trump would stay in the White House to basically uphold the continuity of power. Joe Biden would have basically put in limbo. He’s the challenger. He would have been in put in limbo and Nancy Pelosi, the speaker, she would have lost her ever loving mind.

She would have lost her mind. She would have done everything possible short of dropping a nuclear bomb on the White House to get Pence out of there. The point is the continuity legal scholars would have kept Trump legally in the White House during the investigation process, no matter how long it took. Investigation like that may take six months, two years. But the point is, the ten Senators would have voted to sustain the objection process and everything would have been put on hold if no one broke into the Capitol.

The Marxist machine in this country made up of, and we’re going to name names in our documentary about the Marxist machine. This is a deeper, widespread, much more important investigation we can dig into that so deep right now because it’s ongoing. More importantly, the Marxist machine the Deep Sate knew that if no one broke in and the Trump supporters did not want to break in, they wanted to stand outside and voice their opinon, uphold the objection process. The Deep State and the Marxist machine in this country knew they had to break into the Capitol, Ray Epps is part of that machine, and they broke in at the right time to disrupt and scatter everybody. Then about eight, 9 hours later, they came back.

Of the ten senators that were going to vote to sustain the electoral count objection process for bailed, they were left with six. That was not enough to uphold the vote, and that’s where everything went south. There it is in a crux. Now, here’s the important thing I want folks to remember right now. There’s laws on the books.

And it’s not a law. It’s, I guess, in discussion about how congressmen and senators on both sides are discussing to make this process. This process basically has a precedence back in the late 1800s, which you can actually, the President can object to an election. He thinks it smells and that’s what Trump used. I can’t remember the exact law, but I think everybody knows about it.

But more importantly, they’re trying to make this objection process more complicated. And they must have much more Senators and congressmen on the side of stopping this. Basically, they don’t want to go through this again. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a huge violation of the public trust. They’re trying to change the laws.

If this goes through, it will make it super difficult for any future president. If we cannot get our elections back on track and this is how we do it, we’ve got to reclaim our voice. But more importantly, if we cannot get them back on track and do it within the next couple of years, the 2024 election is going to be handed. I’m going to make this claim right now. The 2024 election is going to be handed to whomever?

The Democratic nominee for president will be animal, mineral, biden, hillary, Elmer Fudd, it doesn’t matter. Whoever the Democratic nominee for the 2024 presidential election, it’s going to be handed to them. If we cannot get our voice back. That’s a longer discussion. That’s in part two.

I’m going to discuss how there is a game afoot. Our elections, ladies and gentlemen, have been gamed. And in our documentary, if you go to preservingamericaepac.com/documentary or just go to preservingemericaepac.com, click on the documentary. You’ll see it. It airs on October 9 this year, just in a couple of weeks, October 9, 2022.

And we expose the game. We need to get and if we do anything, it must be, One,

this is very important. It must be legal. Anything we do must be legal. It must be righteous, and it absolutely must be within the in accordance with the rule of law. We don’t go to people’s houses, judges or congressmen and protests what we do is we use every legal means at our disposal to get our voice back.

Reclaim our voice. God bless everybody. Look for part two. It’s going to get a little interesting. It’s going to get a little heated.

But we need to reclaim our voice and watch for part two.

This is going to be really interesting. God bless everybody. We’ll catch you on the flip side.


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