The Global Struggle for Power and America

A power struggle of immense proportions is underway for ownership of America.

We possess the three most important and abundant resources on Earth: Shale Oil. Lithium. Labor.

And the Biden / Marxist machine wants it all!


Unedited Transcript

Hi everybody, this is H.G. in HD for EPAC. You’re going to love this. This is breaking news. Hot off the wire just today, November 19th. It’s about 1045 here in California. This broke off just the news. John Solomon’s just the news just 20 minutes ago. I’m going to read it to you. As electronic or electric vehicle automakers thirst for more.

Lithium. Oil companies are trying to step in and satisfy that need. Right. Okay. Here’s the interesting point. The Biden march, this administrative state by 2032, want to have all new vehicles sold in America. Two thirds of them, not all, but at least two thirds of them to be electric and electric vehicles. The insanity just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

Two thirds of all new vehicles not going to happen.

Here’s the interesting point. The major oil companies in this country, Exxon Mobil, etc., etc., all these big oil companies, they’re now getting in the lithium extraction business. Stay with me.

Exxon announced just a couple of days ago that it plans to become a leading producer of lithium. This is a quote, quote, This landmark project apply applied decades of ExxonMobil expertise to unlock vast supplies of North American lithium with far fewer environment impacts than traditional mining operations.

Ladies and gentlemen, why did they say that? Where they getting in the lithium as well? Well, because of the Biden EPA, and they want to we’re going to transfer off oil. Well, we’ll never transfer off oil.

But this is what’s happening. An immense global power struggle of immense proportions is happening right now across the planet. Why am I saying that in our documentary that we produced last year? We talked about ownership. Well, this is intensifying now because about 60 days ago in September, the month of September.

60 days ago, roughly the largest deposit of lithium or was found in where? Basically here in America on the Nevada Oregon border in the Mcdermitt caldera, the larger deposit, they say on the planet of lithium, more the global government power elites know this. They just now and just in the last 40, 50, 60 days, the global struggle for power has intensified.

This is not only do we have here in America the largest deposit of shale oil on the planet. Now we have the largest deposit of lithium or on the planet. Ladies and gentlemen, this is about ownership of this country. Now, here’s the thing I want to say. There’s a war being waged on this country. I’m the founder of EPAC.

I have some great people on my team. We’ve talked about this in our last documentary about ownership. We show the Marxist political warfare that’s been waged on this country. I’m very well-educated in political warfare. This is part of the political warfare. Why are they waging this on this country? Because this is about ownership. We talked about ownership in our last documentary.

The next 12 to 18 months in this country is going to define our nation. This is about ownership and it just intensified big time. Now, the government, the Biden March’s administrative state.

Wants to basically and they have already said this.

Biden is, for the most part, has declared that he’s aligning with the United Nations for sustainable development goals. What is that sustainable development goal? What is that? That’s about getting ownership or taking ownership and controlling the resources on the planet and rationing them out so we just don’t run out of them all of a sudden, they have this vision.

Okay, well, that’s a good thing. But ownership is something entirely different. Here’s the interesting point in about, I guess, next September, the United Nations is going to declare a global climate change emergency.

Biden has already signed on to it. They’re going to try to use this crisis to take ownership of this country.

If you think that’s not the case, I beg you to reconsider the way you can control resources and ration them out as you have to take ownership of them right here on underneath our feet here in America. We had the most two most important resources, actually the three most important resources on the planet, the largest deposit of oil, shale oil on the planet, now the largest deposit of lithium on the planet.

And what’s the third resource? Ladies and gentlemen, what is man’s greatest resource? It’s his labor. There it is. The Biden Marxist administrative state and the global elites want to take ownership of this country. This is our country. Government needs to step up.

This is an immense power struggle across the globe for ownership. And this is what they’re going to try to do to take ownership of this country and ration our resources out our oil and our lithium, our labor, our oil, our lithium and wood, all the things that we can provide our resources on the most abundant on the planet here in this nation.

Our documentary that we produced last year showed the Marxist political warfare what’s happening in this country. This is by design, and we’re going to win this war.

But more importantly, our new documentary, this coming out on January six next year. In fact, we just started filming it the other day and it’s going to be released on January six, 2024. It’s going to be talking about the Marxist political warfare, ownership of this country, the struggle for ownership. And we’re going to bring solutions to this table.

Ladies and gentlemen, just five years ago, we need to make a distinction. Just five years ago, our government and our country was working just fine, wasn’t it? Donald Trump was in.

Power, right? Things are running great. What the hell happened?

The Marxist put Biden and the Marxist machine in power in the White House. We need to get them out and we can win this war. Just five years ago, it was working fine. Our government works. It’s a Biden Marxist administrative state. This screwing this whole thing up.

And we need to get them contained. And we need to take. Send them.

Send them packing. We can win this war, ladies and gentlemen. Pay attention. Go to preserving America. EPA dot com. Watch and kind of step. We’ll let you know when our documentary basically comes out and premieres on January six, 2024. We can win this war and we’re going to show you we’re going to bring solutions to the table. I’ve got great people on my team.

I’m the founder of EPIC Ensure the Preservation of America and our Constitution. We’re going to preserve this country. Trump is going to win the nomination. I meant Well, the interesting point about this is that the next 12 to 18 months is going to define this nation. Our documentary that’s coming out on January six is titled Defining a Nation.

Watch what happens starting March of next year. And TIFF is going to come out. Yes, sure. That the Marxist machine is going to start waging an intense war on this country to destabilize and deconstruct this nation. Hold your mud. Stay informed, everybody. A well-informed citizen is a well-armed citizen. We’re going to win this war. Stay tuned. God bless everybody.


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