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Founder, Hugo Goerner


Hugo G. Goerner III

H.G. Goerner is former appointed public official, a state licensed contractor, a Conservative, Patriot and Christian.

He, like so many others in America, began to witness the shocking shift in politics, education and culture towards the destructive Marxist ideology.

Goerner decided to found EPAC to energize the Conservative base in America to somehow restore the ‘Public Trust’ in our system. EPAC wants to consolidate millions of patriots to use their voice, their vote and all peaceful and legal means at our disposal to restore the balance of power in our legislative branch of government.

Goerner is the author of “The United States Socialist Republic: The Liberal / Marxist Machine and the Men, Method and Means to Fundamentally Transform America.” Former Pentagon intelligence Analyst Stephen Coughlin says of the book, “For concerned Americans, who are likewise just awaking from their long hangover, Goerner’s United States Socialist Republic is a good place for parents and citizens to begin getting woken up to the threat that confronts America.” The book can be found on Amazon.

Goerner is the host of EPAC Perspectives on America Matters Media, an hour-long show that airs on Thursdays at 2 pm.

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H.G. Goerner, Founder of EPAC

Taking Action

Pete Hoekstra, a former congressman representing Michigan and US ambassador to the Netherlands, said in a NewsMax article entitled, “It’s Time to Turn ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Into a Call For Action“:

. . . . As I’ve gone around the country, I have been asked at event after event, “What can the rest of us do between now and then?”

Herman Miller, the company where I once worked, had as part of its management philosophy something called “roving leadership.” It meant, in simple terms, if you saw a problem or issue in the company, it was your responsibility to highlight it and make every effort to solve it.

For those of us who are frustrated by what’s happening in America today there’s an important lesson. Act! Do what you can. Use your skills and God-given talents and you will be surprised by what you can accomplish. This of course also holds true for those who support the current direction of the country. Individual activism can make a difference. . . . 

. . . . I recently met Hugo Goerner, a California businessman. Hugo is concerned about the direction of California, Illinois, and other states that are on the path to financial ruin.

With potential defaults on their looming liabilities, these states will jeopardize the stability of the U.S. financial system.

Rather than complaining, he started his own individual group, EPAC, in an effort to educate others about the building crisis.

I don’t know how successful he will be, but Hugo decided to act rather than complain and wait for someone else to do it. . . .